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Rogue Engineering exhaust actually begins after the E46 M3 midpipe (aka Section 1). While others that produce an exhaust that starts just after the end of the exhaust manifolds and immediately merge the exhaust pipes into a "Y" pipe, we found in our testing that the exhaust gas velocity is severely hampered by this "traffic bottleneck". While you spend big money trying to select the best S54 header for your car, that decision is quickly extinguished as you immediately merge the exhaust pipe together immediately after the header itself. We found that even after the Section 1 that the exhaust gases velocity had slowed only a little, which made merging the exhaust pipe a better.

The first dyno graph is a comparison between a "street performance" exhaust (OEM Euro headers, stock section 1 and 2, aftermarket software, Eisenmann Race rear muffler) and a traditional 3" track exhaust on our E46 M3 test car. It makes some good power, but obviously, this is designed for a street car. The traditional 3" track exhaust replaces the "street performance" section 1, 2 and rear muffler removed and replaces it with a single tube exhaust, with a merge after the exhaust manifolds.

As you can see, there is an expected improvement in hp and torque from the single 3" exhaust after 5000rpm. Upon closer inspection, there is a DECREASE in hp and torque below 5000rpm. More importantly, there is an approximately 64 ft lb. LOSS of torque at the rear wheels at approximately 3400rpm. Some would argue that since this is a track specific exhaust that this acceptable since most of the time one would expect to be in the higher RPMs anyway (or hope to be). The reality is that if you're coming out of a corner at the track below 5000rpm, you're at a disadvantage.

The second dyno graph is a comparison between the aforementioned traditional single-pipe track exhaust and Rogue Engineering's Diablo TRACK exhaust.

Of course, the traditional track exhaust has shown a HP and torque improvement over street components (while sacrificing performance below 5000rpm). However, with Rogue Engineering's Diablo TRACK exhaust, not only do we see a slightly improve the top end performance, but we show a max torque differential of approximately 80 ft. lbs at 3400 compared to a traditional single-pipe track exhaust! Have your cake and eat it, too! This means having that all-so-important additional torque at the wheels coming out of corners while benefiting from the top end power on the straights!

The Rogue Engineering TRACK exhaust has been engineered to have two 90° bends in its 3" diameter tubing; one before the muffler and one directly after. These two bends proved to be a critical during the development as they added much needed backpressure to the system. Combine these with the custom-made, Rogue Engineering straight through muffler design and you have a free-flowing exhaust with enough backpressure to extract more HP without sacrificing torque!

Because of the modular design of the system, you can tune the sound of the exhaust to your needs.
Using catalytic converters in Section 1 before the exhaust (such as OEM Euro cats) will give you the quietest combination.
Using a RASP MID PIPE in Section 1, will give you a slightly toned down sound.
Using a straight pipe Section 1 (or removing the single resonator of the factory Section 1), will allow you to announce your arrival in your neighbourhood for miles around, as this will be the loudest combination.

Use of the system requires our "Y" connector pipe shown. This is the same "Y" connector found on our ROGUE ENGINEERING E46 M3 X-PIPE (VERSION 2), so for those that already have the X-Pipe, you do not need to purchase the "Y" connector.

- 100% T-304 stainless steel, mandrel bent and full TIG welded construction.
- Lightweight at just 35 lbs. (with Y connector), 43 lbs. lighter than the OEM Section 2 and OEM rear muffler.
- NOT compatible with vehicles that have installed a fuel cell in the trunk.
- Installation and Application Notes: While this is designed to be a track-specific product, this product may not meet (and does not claim to be) decibel restrictions at tracks with specific noise regulations.


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